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Day Spa Services Duncan BC 

Welcome to the age of Bio Esthetiques

Cold Laser is a Pain free skin care treatment designed to reduce wrinkles, increase skin tightness and provides an overall eye and face lifting effect. This anti-aging treatment will help to stimulate the biological processes below the skin increasing the production of collagen as well as stimulate the lymphatic system. You will see visible results after your first session.

Collagen and Eye Lift Treatment $75.00

This is a specifically designed treatment for the eye area.

Cold Laser treatment followed by a collagen eye mask is a very relaxing experience.  


Relaxing Collagen Facial Treatment $75.00

(This is our full facial collagen mask treatment)


Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion Facial 


This treatment will reduce the signs of aging, sun damage, wrinkles etc. helps to exfoliate and reveal younger healthier skin, feeling silky and smooth, as well as diminish acne scaring. The skin then is treated with specifically designed products for your skin type.

Cold Laser Facial Treatment

20 Min

40 Min.

60 Min.




(Pain Free - No down time)

Scientifically proven to rebuild collagen and promote cell renewal. The skin is revitalized, renewed and refreshed - Resulting in visible anti-aging improvements to your appearance.  

Combination Package - Special Pricing $99.00

(Diamond Microdermabrasion with Cold Laser Treatment)   


The Combination is our Signature Treatment Package with noticeable effects on the first visit, a relaxing and wonderful experience. Best results are attained in a serious of 6 to 10 sessions.


Pricing is for the face only; additional time can be arranged for greater results or for other areas such as your neck or hands. Please contact us for a free consultation at 250-510-7123.

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